Pioneer in Producing High Purity densified Alumina

Emerging Material Technologies, Inc. (EMT) was established in 2002 out of Dr. Radion Mogilevsky’s vision to continue expanding the crystal growth technology in order to provide the highest quality and best value to the customers. To this end, he focused his efforts towards cost reduction, raw materials quality improvement, and crystal diameter and weight increase coupled with growth time reduction. The Company has developed and patented crystal raw material plasma densification method aimed at achieving 99.999% aluminum oxide purity. 

EMT is the first company to address the need for higher purity, hydrogen (water) free raw materials to increase yield and quality, and reduce cost of crystal growth. All crystal growth companies are using, as raw material, the waste sapphire crystals grown through the Vernuil method. Problems in quality consistency and purity arise as Vernuil equipments are also used to grow colored sapphire crystals, contaminating the white crackles. Sapphire crystals grown by Vernuil method have very high hydrogen (water) concentration. Less optimal yields result when these raw materials are subjected to the crystal growth methods because of high sensitivity to the quality of raw material, especially for extra large crystals. The Company’s new plasma densification method will generate high purity densified aluminum oxide (HPDA®) crackles in the shapes of cylinders and spheres. 

Intellectual Advantage

The Company prides itself in having considerable capability in the field of material science applications, particularly in the area of crystal growth. It has assembled a team of leading authorities in sapphire crystal growth and applications, possessing recognized technical expertise and proven commercial success. Leading the Team is Dr. Radion Mogilevsky.

Dr. Radion Mogilevsky: Founder and President

Dr. Mogilevsky has over 30 years experience in crystal growth and applications. In addition to having published over 50 articles and awarded two patents in the area of crystal growth, he has demonstrated the ability to translate technical ideas into viable business undertaking. He founded Rubicon Technology (Nasdaq: RBCN), which has become one of the leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of crystals, specializing in Kiroupolos grown sapphires. Dr. Mogilevsky understand the needs of customers and suppliers in the global crystal market and knows how to access a network of other pioneering and innovative scientists.