About Us

Emerging Material Technologies, Inc. (EMT) is a US based company founded to serve the raw material needs of crystal growth companies to produce the most cost efficient, high yield quality crystals.  

The Company has developed a proprietary plasma enhanced method of aluminum oxide densification. It is the only one company producing the highest purity, 99.999%, raw material for the crystal growth industry. The Company's new plasma densification method (patent-pending) will generate high purity high density aluminum oxide (HPDA®) crackles in the shapes of cylinders and microspheres.

EMT HPDA® is widely used to grow sapphire by Cz, Kyropoulos, HEM, EFG, and HDSM methods.

Sapphire is used in Opto-Electronics, Compound Semiconductor, Semiconductor Fabrication, Optical & Laser, and Telecommunications Industries.
   The EMT HPDA® method also carries horizontal integration to other materials, such as lithium niobate, lithium tantalite,  YAG and others.

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Emerging Material Technologies, Inc.
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